Jacquard Elastic

Multifunctional products due to its flexibility rather than tapes, elastics are gained flexibility by use of lycra and latex inside. Jacquard elastics are especially preferred at underwear and lingerie for use of kid, man and woman. In recent years, sportswear has reached new technological progress and owing to that jacquard elastics are particularly preferred by its flexibility, soft touch and smartness.

Plain Tape

Named after general woven tapes. Products are woven at different widths according to its usage areas by the application of patterns such as herringbone, plaid, grossgrain etc.

Harness Belt and Automotive Safety Belt

Usage areas of technical belts are increasing continuously and preferred instead of composite material owing to its advantages like although belts are flexible no elastic deformation occurs, lighter than an alternative material, sanitary with pore structure. Products, such are woven with high tensile fabric according to related standarts used as harness and automotive safety belt.

Jacquard Tape

Tapes which are woven at jacquard machines in order to gain writing ability with fabric, have usage areas at garment of woman, man and kidwear, home textile, decoration, neck strap etc. It is possible to design various kinds of products by the change of pattern, fabric kind and denier of fabric.


Cordons produced with hose pattern especially has usage at sportswear. It is possible to write with fabric at outer layer of the cordon which woven around inner filling fabric, stays inside the cordon.

Medical Belt-Tape-Elastic

Medical narrow fabrics are used at many medical products due to its enduring structure to wearing out, rigid but still flexible, sanitary with pore texture. Narrow fabric products takes place more and more at medical sector by recent technical textile progress.

Plain Elastic

Generally named after serial manufacture of elastic such as inner elastic, elastic with raising, lingerie elastics. Products woven as raw and reach to their final form by dying according to required colors.

Waistband Tape

Woven tapes which are sewed to waistbands has type of plain, with writing and with pattern. Products are preferred by many garment suit producers due to its capability of holding the shirt inside the pant by the friction help of latex on the tape and due to chance to have trademark writing on another accessory other than label.

Military Belt-Tape-Elastic

Add function to the military equipment which are produced according to related standarts required for military utilization. The point which leads by the needs of military textile, came up to now, gives clues of future technologies will be faced.


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Waistband Tapes
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